Day 1, Tuesday 7th Sep 2021, Virtual, 14:00 to 20:30 GMT


Welcome: Dr Jogesh Kapadia


Session 1: HIE (14:00-16:45) Chairperson: Prof Deidre Murray


14:00-14:30: Clinical assessment and monitoring during therapeutic hypothermia: Prof Seetha Shankaran (TBC)


14:30-15:00: Maximising information using aEEG in HIE: Prof Lena Hellstrom-Westas

15:00-15:15: Coffee break


15:15-15:45: Neuroprotective effects of Erythropoietin on neonatal brain injury: Prof Sandra Juul


15:45-16:15: Counselling parents after early neonatal brain injury: Prof Linda de Vries


16:15-16:45: Panel Q&A


16:45-17:15: Coffee break


Session 2: Ventriculomegaly (17:15-18:45) Chairperson: Prof Frances Cowan


17:15-17:45: Post-haemorrhagic ventriculomegaly in infants <27 weeks gestation: Prof Seetha Shankaran (TBC)


17:45-18:15: PHVD - When best to intervene? Prof Linda de Vries


18:15-18:45: Panel Q&A 


18:45-19:00: 2nd Coffee break


Session 3: Mild HIE (19:00-20:30) Chairperson: Prof Lena Hellstrom-Westas


19:00-19:30: Mild HIE – Is the drift to offer therapeutic hypothermia to babies with mild HIE justified? Prof Deirdre Murray


19:30-20:00: Updates and unknowns in mild HIE: Prof Alistair Gunn


20:00-20:30: Panel Q&A


20:30: Close




Day 2, Wed, 8th Sep 2021,Virtual, 14:00 to 20:15 GMT


Welcome: Dr Jean Egyepong


Session 1: Neonatal Seizures (14:00-16:45) Chairperson: Prof Linda DeVries


14:00-14:30: Neonatal stroke: Prof Frances Cowan


14:30-15:00: Feasibility of routine aEEG monitoring in preterm infants: Prof Lena Hellstrom-Westas

15:00-15:15: Coffee break


15:15-15:45: Neonatal seizures: Pitfalls in diagnosis, management & outcome: Prof Robert Clancy

15:45-16:15: Should Levetiracetam be the first line anti-convulsant in neonates? Dr Anthony Hart


16:15-16:45: Panel Q&A


16:45-17:15: Coffee break


Session 2: Preterm brain (17:15-18:00) Chairperson: Scientific committee

17:15-17:45: Young Researcher’s Presentations (7 minutes x 4)

17:45-18:00: Comments from judge’s panel and award

18:00-18:15: Coffee break


Session 3: Preterm brain (18:15-20:15) Chairperson: Dr Anthony Hart


18:15-18:45: Use of Erythropoietin in extreme preterm infants? Prof Sandra Juul

18:45-19:15: Follow up of ELBW babies: Prof Seetha Shankaran (TBC)

19:15-19:45: Preventing Cerebral Palsy: Prof Nadia Badawi


19:45-20:15: Panel Q&A


20:15: Close

Day 3, Thu 09 Sep 2021, Virtual & in-person, 12:00 to 19:00 GMT


11:00-11:55 Registration & Coffee


11:55-12:00 Welcome: Dr Bharat Vakharia


Session 1: HIE (12:00-14:00) Chairperson: Prof Mary Rutherford


12:00-12:30: Stem cell therapy for Neonatal Encephalopathy: Prof Nikki Robertson 


12:30-13:00: Newborn Neuroprotection in the developing world: Prof Sudhin Thayyil


13:00-13:30: Melatonin for birth asphyxia: time for clinical trials: Prof Nikki Robertson


13:30-14:00: Panel Q&A


14:00-14:45: Lunch


Session 2: Neuro-imaging in neonates (14:45-16:15) Chairperson: Prof Nikki Robertson


14:45-15:15: MRI in non-HIE neonatal seizures: Prof Mary Rutherford


15:15-15:45: MRS in HIE – time to integrate in clinical practice? Prof Sudhin Thayyil


15:45-16:15: Panel Q&A


16:15-16:45: Coffee break


Session 3: Miscellaneous (16:45-19:00) Chairperson: Prof Sudhin Thayyil


16:45-17:30: Congenital and Postnatal CMV: Screening, advances in management and follow up: Dr Hermione Lyall


17:30-18:00: Role of MRI in late gestation with a view to identify the at-risk fetus: Prof Mary Rutherford


18:00-18:30: Counselling following antenatal diagnosis of a neurological abnormality: Dr Anthony Hart


18:30-19:00: Panel Q&A


19:00: Close

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